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Get longer and fuller eyelashes with Buy Careprost 0.03%

Every female in this world aspires to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes to beautify their eyes. When you check out the images of celebrities and stars in the magazines, you will notice that everyone has perfect lashes. Have you ever wondered what the secret of those beautiful and unique eyelashes is? What is the way through which you can achieve get the dramatic eyes through thicker and luscious eyelashes? Well, here is the best and optimally performing eyelash enhancing product that promises to improve the overall strength and size of your eyelashes through its regular and most accurate application within just a few weeks.

Drug description

Buy Careprost is the most appropriate remedy that clinically tests and, at the same time, verifies for enhancing eyelashes growth. This fantastic eyelash growth enhancing product specifically found to be safe for the majority of users. However, it utilizes only when the doctor prescribes it. Thus eye specialist’s supervision and recommendation strictly require for using this particular product.

Chemical composition 

The primary chemical compound found in this particular ophthalmic solution is Bimatoprost. This substance is belonging to the group of prostaglandin analog. The chemical compound is chiefly working for treating the eye ailment known as Glaucoma. But later, eyelash growth found to one of the side effects of using this specific drug. Since then, it predominantly utilizes as the remedy for growing eyelashes.

Working mechanism

 The Bimatoprost Eyelash Serum is specifically known for improving the growth of hair follicles. This particular chemical compound is making up the prime component of Careprost Eyelash Serum, and it is working as an effective therapeutic solution for enhancing eyelashes growth.

How to apply? 

This eye drop is coming with an applicator brush. The patient requires to apply a single drop of this particular solution to the applicator brush. This to be drawn along the upper portion of the eyelids. It is extremely crucial to remember here that this solution needs not to apply to your eyelash line’s lower region. All you must do is use this particular remedy every day once before actually going to sleep. The expected outcome can observe within a period of around four to five-month. But its desired product will be generated only when this ophthalmic solution is being correctly and regularly used. However, once the individual has already achieved the desired and favorable outcome, they can limit the usage of this particular eye drop and restrict it to thrice or twice a week. However, you have to ensure that you have already taken the doctor’s recommendation and suggestion for continuing the utilization of this eyelash enhancing product.

Storage conditions 

The storage of this particular product requires to be done in a cool and dry place at the same time. The temperature of the surroundings should be below 25 degrees Celsius. You have to ensure that the lid of the eye drop bottle replaces after its continuous usage to prevent its contamination. This ophthalmic bottle solution needs to discard within just four weeks of its opening.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does this particular eyelash growth enhance product work?

Yes, this product has already yielded desirable outcomes for many individuals. You can also read our customer’s reviews, and our clients have already shared their happiness and satisfaction due to the great results they have achieved after using this product. Consumers can trust us entirely, as all our testimonials are coming from genuine buyers.

Is it safe to utilize Bimatoprost?

Yes, this product safe to utilize as an eyelash growth enhancing product. This product’s use got approval in the year 2001 for lowering down the intraocular pressure in all those individuals who have been suffering from Glaucoma. But all those patients treated with this particular ophthalmic solution got their eyelash growth as one of the adversaries of this product usage. The long term usage and safety of this specific therapeutic remedy has already been establishing by the medical field based on conducting 32 clinical trials in 5500+ individuals suffering from Glaucoma.

What are the potential adversaries of using Buy Careprost 0.03%?

A few of the most common adversaries report by the patients who utilized this product involved itching in eyes, redness, skin darkening, vision disturbances, skin pigmentation. However, such adversaries say in less than a total of 4% of the patients who have utilized this particular ophthalmic solution.

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Additional information


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

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Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension

Country of Origin


Dosage Form

Eye Drop


3 ml in 1 bottle

6 reviews for Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush)

  1. Laura Evans

    Best Products For Eyelashes Grow

  2. Michelle Lung

    Careprost have same composition like latisse. Its contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution .03%. Careprost is manufacture by sun pharma Inda. Just search on internet for careprost, you will get the best deals

  3. Donna Braithwaite

    Quite effective! I used it consistently once every day and my eyelashes are noticeably longer.

  4. Mary Caldwell

    Careprost can be purchased from legitimate sources. I placed an order and received package 8 days. I carefully researched the sources, but did NOT research the side affects from using Careprost.

  5. Nora Imhoff

    I love the Careprost. It really works! Maximumlashes is a great place to purchase this product. Their customer service is great and the product is delivered quickly. I will be purchasing from them again.

  6. Mary Caldwell

    Careprost can be purchased from legitimate sources. I placed an order and received package 8 days. I carefully researched the sources, but did NOT research the side affects from using Careprost.

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