Do Eyelash Growth Serums actually Work?

Do Eyelash Growth Serums actually Work?

People are spoiled with options when it comes to eyelash growth serums. The market is already flooded with such serums having various ingredients that work wonders for eyelashes in both men and women. The hype has grown so much, that it is impossible to pick one without going through the latest eyelash growth serum reviews. Let us understand the phenomenon that is happening around these eyelash serums in depth. 

What is an eyelash serum?

An eyelash serum is a product based on some growth-enhancing chemical formula that stimulates eyelash growth. It is supposed to extend the telogen phase of an eyelash’s life cycle; thereby extending the eyelash growth cycle and eventually its life cycle. It also keeps lashes thicker and stronger. An eyelash serum is a popular natural solution or alternative to eyelash extensions.

Do eyelash serums actually work? 

Coming to the question of whether eyelash serum work or exactly how eyelash serums work, we have a lot of things to be considered. 

How do eyelash serums work?

Every eyelash serum works as per the ingredients they are based on. Hence each eyelash serum may work differently and demonstrate different results for different individuals. Let us get deeper into the hair dynamics. 

First and foremost, hair is made up of protein; more than about 80 percent of keratin protein to be exact. Speaking of protein, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and we know all about its skin and hair benefits; which is why it is also one of the core ingredients in many eyelash growth serums so your lashes get those same benefits.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which again build your eyelashes. Not only this, but they may also nourish and repair the damage. This is why amino acids become crucial for eyelash products or for that matter, any other hair product. This is also why they’re the main ingredient in so many lash-enhancement formulae. But one thing that needs to be checked in this regard, is that many brands include amino acids in their formulas that go by a different name, i,e peptides. Peptides are known to nourish, condition, and strengthen frail and brittle eyelashes.

Different eyelash serum ingredients and their roles

The formulae vary considerably from brand to brand, but some common ingredients found in  eyelash growth serums along with their different set of roles are as follows: 

  1. Amino acids- They are necessary to build healthy hair follicles. 
  2. Ceramides- They are required to lock in moisture. 
  3. Panthenol- It is essential to hydrate and protect lashes from breakage.  
  4. Peptides- are for nourishing and strengthening eyelashes. 
  5. Biotin- It is to improve hair’s health by strengthening keratin.
  6. Bimatoprost– This ingredient stimulates the hair follicles in eyelids into prolonging the Anagen phase or the Growth phase for increasing the number of hair growth eyelids expeditiously.

There are numerous eyelash serums available as over-the-counter products, and one may pick either of them after going through the eyelash growth serum reviews available against them. Many OTC eyelash growth serums work by hydrating and strengthening eyelashes so they appear a little fuller and are less likely to break.

Do the eyelash serums work on eyebrows as well?

Most of the available over-the-counter eyelash growth serums are perfectly safe for eyebrows. 

But that does not mean that people are free to buy such products without reading the label and instructions. Just as there isn’t scientific evidence that these serums grow lashes, there’s no data on how they affect eyebrows. 

But if nothing else, they’ll leave your brows well-conditioned and, like lashes, less prone to breakage.

Are eyelash serums safe for the eyes?

If used correctly, lash serums are safe. One should follow the specific instructions of the lash serums, but typically they should be applied two to three times a day on clean lashes. 

Any eyelash serum should not be used while wearing contacts or be applied in a way that it enters inside the eyes.

According to some medical experts, if you experience any negative side effects, like itchy, red eyes, unwanted hair growth in areas the product repeatedly touches, darkening of the eyelids, reduced eye pressure, or permanently increased iris pigmentation, discontinue use immediately, and see a doctor.

Usage Directions 

Usually, eyelash serums are recommended to be used for at least two consecutive months, on a daily basis. 

The serum should be applied along a thin line, only over the base of the upper lash line and not on the lower eyelid or waterline. 

The eyelash serums can be applied along the upper eyelid with the help of applicators that are either available along with the serum package or can be bought separately. 

Once the desired amount and thickness of eyelashes have been regained, one may continue to use the eyelash serum about twice a week for maintaining the same growth level. 

It should be noted here that applying eyelash serum on the lower eyelids may result in side effects such as irritation or even darkening of the iris.  

Last but not the least, as previously mentioned, one should not apply eyelash serums while wearing contact lenses. Also, women should not forget to remove every bit of makeup like mascara, before applying eyelash serums.  

Reaction to Eyelash Serums 

As a spontaneous reaction, some eyelash serum may produce teardrops in the eyes, but that certainly passes by in a couple of minutes duration. 

Common Side Effects of Eyelash Serums 

There might be a few side effects that are common to most eyelash serums. 

While some may experience blurred vision while applying these, others may experience slight itching sensations as soon as they apply them along the eyelid; or even a slight stinging response or pain while using this product. 

For a few users, there can be slight sensitivity to light, dehydrated eyes, pigmentation in the iris, conjunctivitis, dizziness, headache, etc. 

Eyes are extremely precious to us all. Hence, if any of the above-mentioned reactions persist for a considerable duration, it is advised that one immediately ask for a doctor’s help.